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Thanks Dad!

Father's Day is less than 2 weeks away now (June 19th by the way!) so I thought this would be a good opportunity to share a little bit about my own Dad and think about what Father's Day means to me. 

So this is my Dad, and newborn me! He's was my age now when I was born (26) which seems crazy to me, but both he and my Mum have done everything in their power in the last 26 years to give me and my sister amazing experiences and a pretty great life, and they are both wholeheartedly behind me chasing this dream-job of mine! So this is just a little THANKS to him!

Thanks for teaching me all those practical skills! 

Pretty pleased with my lawn-mowing skills there!

Thanks for the 4am Christmas mornings when I just HAD to build my new thing!

Look at those 'I haven't slept' eyes! Sorryyyyy! 

Thanks for the constant piggy-backs!

Thanks for the driving lessons!

& Lastly thanks for being 100% behind me in pretty much anything I want to do! Oh yeah, and thanks for eventually shaving that moustache! :P

{{The Father's Day range of cards are now live on the shop {click here} and paired with our limited edition prints you're all set to say THANKS to your Dad next weekend too! :) }}

 I'd love to hear how you're celebrating Father's Day and what your favourite Dad memories are! Leave a comment below & I'll be sure to feature them on a Father's Day round-up post! 

June 06, 2016 by Emma Jackson

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