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Just over a year ago I moved into my very first studio, a tiny little room in a shared studio space above a few take-away shops in Belfast city centre. At the time I hadn't even set up a business - I was dipping my toes in the freelance world and testing the water of where I wanted my work to go.

At the time it was perfect for me - it really gave me time and space to focus on where I wanted my work to go and has probably led to where I am now with my business. 

It was small, freezing and got broken in to once or twice, but it made me feel like a total boss and I loved heading in to it every morning. This last December however I decided to put that little chapter to rest and move my business back home, where I plan to build a shed-studio in my back garden. 

So I have an awkward, unorganised few months ahead as I move all of my stuff home and attempt to work in any spare space in my house while the new studio is being built, but I know in the end it will be totally worth it! The new studio will be purpose built and everything will be exactly where I need it to be, as well as being obviously a hell of a lot more cost effective. 

Good news though! To free up some storage space I've decided to have a sale! A MASSIVE sale actually! For the next two weeks you can get 50% off all prints using the code 'studiosale'! Stocks are getting pretty low in some of the prints, so if you'd had your eye on something don't leave it too late! :)

January 16, 2015 by Emma Jackson
Tags: Studio Notes

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