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I've been meaning to update for the last week or so on the progress of the studio, and since that thought first entered my head, things have been moving along quite quickly... it'll be no time until I'm moving in! :D

I took this about a week ago, when the shell of the studio arrived. There's my Granda, the man who's built the whole thing, about to get to work on the roof! Since then the whole thing has pretty much come together, the roof's on, windows are in and he's currently out there insulating it. In the next week electrics and lighting will be in, my Dad's fitting a floor, and I better get building IKEA furniture! Can't wait to give you a tour of the inside in a few weeks time, but for now here's what it's currently looking like from the outside. :) 


March 24, 2015 by Emma Jackson
Tags: Studio Notes

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