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Oh my! What a week! It's been my first full week of self-employment, and as I'm writing this ( Sunday evening) it's the first time I've properly sat down this whole week. Here's a wee round up of what I've been up to!

New Stockist - Studio Souk!

On Thursday this week I began stocking the amazing Studio Souk in Belfast. Studio Souk collects together some of the best independent and handmade businesses in Belfast and Northern Ireland, and gives them a city-centre platform to sell their work. I'm so excited to be joining some amazing businesses in the Souk and hopefully selling some cards along the way too! 

So this week has mostly been getting my stock levels up to stock Studio Souk and to have enough for the markets I've been at this weekend too. Having only just settled into the new studio last week I hadn't really been keeping an eye on stock levels - the cards were mostly packed away and I totally assumed I had loads left - nope! So once they all went out in the studio the realisation set in that I had a crazy amount to do this week! 

Wedding Invites

My to-do list was a little bit ambitious this week, I have to say. I really don't know how I'm sitting here now with it all done! So I've been working on some bespoke wedding invites for a few weeks now but this week was the final push to get 90 invites finished and ready for the weekend when the client would be collecting them at Crafty Fox on Saturday.

I'm really happy with how these invites turned out - here's a wee sneak peek below! If you're interested in your own bespoke wedding invites you can email me on for a price list. :)

A Weekend of Fairs

So this weekend was spent between London and Belfast, at Crafty Fox in Brixton on Saturday and The Fine & Dandy Market in Belfast on Sunday. It's been a super hectic and I'm feeling ever so slightly sleep deprived this evening on the other side of it all, but I'm so so happy with how it all went! Both markets have such a great atmosphere, that just naturally attracts my kind of customer so I had an absolute blast at both!

Thanks so much to everyone who visited me over the weekend at both markets. It was super lovely to meet you all and extra lovely to see some friends I hadn't seen in a while who popped into Crafty Fox to say hello!

Now for a really long sleep and on to planning what's next! Also - look out for details on a huge sale really soon, and lots of new things to come! :)


April 26, 2015 by Emma Jackson

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