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So over the last few weeks I've been busy working away on lots of new card designs, but I've also been taking a course in screen printing! For some reason at art school I had always missed out on learning to screen print, or didn't really think it would suit my work... I don't know why! But pretty much as soon as I'd left education I realised that it's something I should really know, and not only that, something I'd actually really love doing. So when a short course came up at the Belfast Print Workshop I got myself a place!

It really didn't take too long to pick up and I planned each week what I could print, so I could make the most of the time I was there work-wise. So I got some prints ready for Crafty Fox after week two and spent the rest of the time printing tote bags and printing my new branding to a few different elements of my stall set-up. :)

I've been planning for quite a while to switch my printing process to screen printing - up until now I've been making everything with lino, which is so so time consuming, especially for the cards. It's all part of my only-exciting-for-me plan to speed up my process so I can start seriously thinking about getting into wholesale. So as soon as the course finished I signed up for membership, so I have access to the print workshop whenever I want. So excited to get working away and see what this new print process brings to my work. :)


[Smooth Sea Tote Bag]

May 24, 2015 by Emma Jackson
Tags: Studio Notes


Daniel Buser

Daniel Buser said:

Really interested in doing a screen printing course in Belfast. Any advice on how to go about doing so?

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