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I've been super quiet on the blog and social media recently, so I thought I'd recap on my first two full months of going it alone with this business and all the good and not so good that comes with self-employment!

So here goes... I finished my part-time job in Paperchase in the middle of April, and really for the rest of that month I just focused on little things like re-doing the logo and pricing new materials. In May I had a wedding invite commission, which was such a great project to work on, that I don't do that often, and something that I'm definitely considering expanding into a little bit more; especially now I'm getting more into screen printing. :)

Now for a little truth! May was actually a pretty difficult month, not the worst month ever, but not the best! Other than the wedding commission, not a whole lot of money came in, and I think it was emphasised by the fact that for the first time in over a year I didn't get a monthly pay.  It was a little bit of a shock to the system and I did have a few little wobbles and the odd job search (even though I know it's not what I really want!). 

Things did really quickly pick up though, and June couldn't have been more of a contrast from a quiet May. After the wedding commission I spent the rest of the month designing and preparing Father's Day cards, and launched them at the end of May. That meant that I had a few really good weeks to build up sales of Father's Day designs, and the last 2 weeks just went absolutely crazy. I was the busiest I've ever been, with daily sales totally creeping up well over 70 every single day. 

I created some personalised cards for new Dad's and this was by far my most popular, which also kept me super busy, trying to get 60 or so done each day! Personalisation is definitely something I'm going to introduce more and more of in the very near future! It's so much fun seeing the more unusual names coming in. :)

When I quit my day job I was kind of naively banking on the fact that I had been consistently building on the success of each occasion. This was absolutely no guarantee though, and in May I started to worry a bit about whether this would actually be the case, but luckily it did! 

I knew when I left my day job that I needed to do it to push my business forward to the next stage, otherwise I'd just keep ticking along at this static stage, working part-time on the business but still not really putting 110% into it. It became really easy to rely on a monthly wage coming in, and truth be told, that made me not push myself hard enough outside of that day job. Now I really have to work, to get paid, to keep the business going, and to grow, and I'm about a million times more motivated in the process! Working for yourself is really hard sometimes, but so so worth it! 

July 01, 2015 by Emma Jackson

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