Our design process


Firstly, You choose

You can choose a design from our range of semi-bespoke designs, which you can alter to suit your wedding - we’re happy to change the colours and personalise the text and even change the font. If you have something different in mind and would like us to create a completely bespoke stationery set for you please get in touch and we’ll discuss your stationery in more detail.

Once you’ve chosen, we’ll reach out to you via email to discuss your day - the details you want to include in you invite, the colours etc. We’ll then design your stationery and send you through a digital draft for your approval.



We set the design

Once you’ve approved the design we set the design into plates for printing. Letterpress is a form of relief printing so your design is etched into a plate leaving a raised surface for printing, a little bit like a stamp. Once ink is applied to the plate it’s then stamped into the page giving a deep impression.

It’s so important at this stage to make sure all details are correct - once the plates are ordered the design is literally fixed onto them and can’t be altered. Colour choices can still change but the text and illustrations are now fixed into position and ready for printing.



We ink the press

When the plates arrive from our supplier we fix them into place on a block and put them into the press. Pages are fed into the press individually giving a unique impression on each invite. We mix the ink to the colour you’ve selected using a pantone guide to get it exactly right. Each colour is inked separately and the press is thoroughly cleaned each time the ink colour changes. So if your design has 3 colours, each invite will pass through the press 3 times as each colour is applied. It’s a laborious process, but so worth it for the beautiful tactile results letterpress achieves and when the last colour is added it’s always a joy to see the piece come together.

If your design includes foil elements, we use metal plates which are heated to over 100 degrees to impress the foil into the paper and we do this on our second press which has been specially converted to run foil through it.



they’re on their way!

After printing we meticulously check the quality of each invite and carefully pack them for delivery to you. All of our orders are sent out via recorded delivery so if you’d like to nominate a day that suits best to receive them we can schedule it for you.